Should Children and Students be Guaranted Health and Dental Coverage Equal to what Prisoners get – Yes

If a government is going to put people behind bars, for whatever reasons, it then behooves that government to see to all the needs of those it has imprisoned. Does the same government owe the same kind of treatment to those who are not imprisoned? Is everyone supposed to simply take care of themselves and if they cannot then are they to be left to their own devices? Should children have to have sub-standard heath and dental care if their families are unable to afford better? Should honest hard working citizens receive inferior health and dental treatment?

The answer is an unequivocal no they should not receive inferior care to those who have broken laws and are imprisoned. As it stands the United States of America pays more money per capita than any other country in the world on health care. Somewhere there seems to be a giant hole in the United States if that kind of money is being spent and not everyone in the country is covered by health care. That’s a debate that has been going on in Washington for years.

The sad fact is that there are perhaps millions of children who are not getting the proper health care or dental care in the United States. One has to wonder why a country that spends as much money as the U.S. on health care can have so many children who have little or no coverage. Where is that money going? It’s certainly not going to deliver proper services far all of its citizens.

When there are so many imprisoned people in the United States who are receiving proper health and dental care then the least that same country can do is to provide for its children. We have heard this all too often but the children truly are the future and the healthier the children are the healthier they will grow into adulthood. There is no doubt that there are expenses to providing proper health and dental care to children but they are expenses that will only return to the country in terms of healthy adults.

Failing to ensure all children have proper health and dental care is a travesty. This travesty currently affects the United States as it is primarily the only developed nation in the world that does not provide health care to all its citizens.

The thought of providing health care to the students of the country is just one bridge too far. There is certainly no doubt students should also receive care but if the United States is incapable of taking care of its children with certainty then why should anyone expect students to be taken care of while they study to take control of the country in the future.