Should City and Town Governments be Allowed to Display Christmas Symbols – No

When the colonists left Europe to come to this land, now known as America, one of the main reasons they left was because of religous persecution. Those colonists that came to America were not allowed to practice their religous beliefs. Thus, they left Europe and headed this land in order to live in a world where all people are free to make choices and celebrate their own uniqueness and belief systems. With this in mind, when the framers of the consitution sat down to construct our laws of the land, the wanted to put a clause in it that stated : Seperation between church and state. Did the founding fathers intend for American life to have a state that is totally seperate from relgion? Of course not! It is lack of knowledge about the historic making of this country and our laws that allow people to believe that it was intended for state and church to be seperate! The founding fathers and the those who made this land simply wanted people to be able to have the right to choose how they wanted to worship. They wanted to be able celebrate their religious beliefs without persecution. Mainly, they were well aware of the corruption that goes on behind closed doors and the did not want church officals and leaders in their country to create a ruling body that was one. For cities and states to not recognize a religious celebration would be a slap in the face to all those that laid our country out. The wonderful think about America is that cities and states CAN practice holidays such as Christmas and at the same time those who choose not to have no obligation to celebrate. It is with this litigation, should it occur, that America would begin to slip away from what we have left of the democracy that was created by our founding fathers.