Should City and Town Governments be Allowed to Display Christmas Symbols – No

Various levels of governments should not be allowed to display any Christian symbols. Christian symbols were supposed to be scared and government’s and the rulers of governments are secular. It is like mixing water with your wine. It does nothing to enhance the experience, but corrupts the taste, dilutes the symbolism.

One assumes that this argument pertains to the American, towns, cities, states, and the republic, yet there is no such specification. What if we are talking about non Christian nations such as China? What if we are talking about Buddhist Tibet? Displaying Christian symbols would be even more meaningless.

Governments should not be allowed to high-jack Christians symbols for their own selfish purposes. Nor should they have any regulation of any place, assembly, association of religious worship. Regulating religious activities, administrations, is over the top. It goes against the separation of church and state.

Governments, governments employees should not observe Christian holidays for that matter. They should not take time off in the Christian Christmas. Nor should they take any time off in Easter. Nor should they observe the Sabbath or the Christian version Sunday. Let the governments come up with their own days off. Let them take Tuesdays and Wednesdays as their days of rest. Let the government’s come up with alternates to Christmas and Easter.

Thou shalt observe three days of rest in remembrance of George Dubya Bush. Thou shalt display his flattering imaging over the mantle piece. Thou shalt go into the town square and pet a dog, in the likeness of the Dubyas dog. Thou shalt regulate thy tongue to speak in Texan in those three days. Thou shalt not deviate from they resolve, no matter thy neighbour and thy neighbors neighbor.

There is already a fine example of other than Christian holiday and symbols and observations you all can do. Each nation can substitute the things that pertain to their particular nation and make their national holiday their own.

Symbols such as the cross and the bible ought not be displayed or used in public office. Even uttering biblical verses should not be allowed by public servants or those who hold public office.

Governments defile Christians by displaying them on their property. They should give them up and give up any pretense of being good and godly. Nor should government high-jack any other other religious symbols, not just Christian. I even wonder if governments should have the power to collect taxes from Christians, Christian business, organizations, or lands held by such.