Should City and Town Governments be Allowed to Display Christmas Symbols – Yes

Let us be certain that we are separating Christmas symbols from Holiday symbols . A Holiday tree or christmas tree is not a religious symbol as some towns or cities seem to believe . If the religious symbol of any one faith is allowed to be displayed on town or city property then all other religions should be allowed to have their symbol displayed or none at all should be displayed . In Wellesley , MA the Selectmen have decided that it is alright for the town to display a Crescent and a Menorah during the Holiday season but not a cross or other Catholic symbol , instead they display a holiday tree with lights as if to say that it covers all the remaining religions . They openly rejected displaying a Creche , which by the way is not technically a religious symbol and even with protest from local taxpayers have refused to change their position year after year . They could remove all symbols from town property and each house of worship could display their symbols on their own property however the Selectmen refuse to make any changes . Is this not discrimination ? why are two faiths favoured and the others ignored . A holiday or christmas tree is not and never has been a religious symbol . Can the town or the selectmen be sued for discrimination ?

As a student in a Catholic school in the late 1950’s , I was taught a little about all religions and was taught to respect another person’s faith and never to try to force my beliefs on anyone else . I have seen mothers refusing to have their daughters sing Silent Night and O Holy Night along with the school choir in Wellesley and yet having nothing to say when all the children sang Hebrew songs . Some people just have a disease they cannot rid themselves of . How can a town as well known as Wellesley expect to maintain its desirability as a nice place to live when it leans so much to one side . Far too many people move into the town to take advantage of the prestige of saying their children graduated from the Wellesley schools and after they graduate , they pack up and leave . The native residents are left to sort out the chaos caused by the demands of the “newcomers”.