Should City and Town Governments be Allowed to Display Christmas Symbols – Yes

Yes, I firmly believe that city and town governments should be allowed to display Christmas symbols. There are several political action groups that are trying to deprive the people of our nation of their basic religious freedoms. They want to take Christ out of Christmas! The Sea Tac Airport won’t even display Christmas trees because they are too religious. And a city in England has even baned Santa Claus from it’s celebrations because he had a religious origin!

Several years ago political action groups tried to stop cities from decorating themselves with Christmas ornaments period, and they succeeded in doing so in about five states.

Everett Washington and the cities of Snohomish County realized that a probation about decorating themselves was ridiculous! They continued decorating themselves! Private residences continued to display Nativity Scenes and Santa Claus throughout the entire ordeal.

When the Christmas tree of Everett had to be retired, it’s citizens wanted the city council and the mayor to immediately put up a new one. I have a non-Christian friend who thought the whole issue was ridiculous. “What did Christmas trees and Santa Claus have to do with the real religious symbols of Christmas anyway?”

Why did our forefathers leave Europe in the first place? Because there were too many restrictions placed on their religious beliefs. They came to America seeking religious and political freedom! The freedom to worship their Lord and Creator in their own ways. Yes, I admit that they were intolerant of the religious beliefs of Native Americans. The Puritans were intolerant of other religious groups that did not hold to their religious doctrines.

The doctrine of separation of church and state, according to another writer on Helium, was never meant to deprive us of our religious freedoms but protect us from tyranny. Those political action groups that claim to protect the people of the Western world from Christian tyranny are practicing their own!

The governments of the Western world were based up the principles of government inherited from the Greeks and the Romans. Both governments protected their citizens, who obeyed their laws from cruel and unusual punishments. But, government had a Jewish-Christian origin as well. The governing officials protected the rights of the people to the best of their abilities. Our laws were based upon the Ten Commandments long before the Magma Carte and the United States Constitution which protects freedom of expression and guarantees the right to happiness.

Local laws and ordinances are instituted by local governing officials who are suppose to be Representative of the rules and regulations of their various communities. The doctrine of separation of church and state has been carelessly misapplied by misguided and misinformed people who don’t care about the people. They only care about furthering their agenda: deprive the people of the Western world from their religious freedoms!

What will happen if cities and towns don’t decorate themselves for Christmas or other religious holidays harboring the spirit of political correctness? They will be admitting that the men and women who died throughout the years to protect our basic political freedoms will have sacrificed their very lives in vain! They will admit that these political action groups have the right to deprive us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!