Should City and Town Governments be Allowed to Display Christmas Symbols – Yes

There are many logical constitutional arguments against allowing local governments to display Christmas symbols. To these I say “Bah Humbug!” As would Ebeneezer himself if he were in this debate. Beyond the fancy words and the legal translations of the Constitution of The United States of America, one must look to the intent of the founding forefathers.

The spirit of independence was born with the right to self-govern being the main objective. Democracy is based on a majority rules idealism. So if a town is comprised of a majority of Christmas-celebrating citizens, then by all means yes, decorate town square accordingly.

The same is true for towns populated by Jews or Muslims or what have you. If a local area is Jewish in majority then they should not have to decorate for Christmas but should be allowed to observe publicly and as a town whatever is traditional and appropriate to their beliefs. And in every case there will be a minority of citizens who do not share the same religious alignments. None of which will be adversely affected by this.

Come on now, anyone who exhibits indignation because they are being exposed to symbols or decorations that are contrary to their own belief systems is in my opinion wanting to impose their own beliefs on others. And if a few traditional seasonal symbols displayed (in accordance to the will of the surrounding majority) jeopardizes the teachings they wish to pass on through the generations so adversely, then I suggest that there is an absence of a strong foundation to begin with. That flaw is what they should be focused on changing.

Remember this is all on the local level of government. As a Nation our responsibilities are very much different. When the founding fathers discuss the separation of church and state they were not saying that there is no place for the church in government. What I suggest is that they were merely preventing any religion from being the government policy-makers on the Federal Level, as was often the case in European Nations from which they had migrated.

Furthermore I as an American in this millennium am ashamed that this is still an issue of debate. Being a nation of so many diverse cultures and a nation of freedom-loving people, it is hard to justify that so much effort in trying to deny each other’s basic freedoms is to this day being exerted. Truly we as a People have not evolved to our potential as foreseen by our founding forefathers. They gave us the tools in which to build a great Nation of Freedom and we as a People have let them down.

I wish to acknowledge Charles Dickens and his novel A Christmas Carol. Quoting Ebeneezer Scrooge ‘Bah humbug!’