Should Government Pay for all Medical Care – No

Over in England we have a National Health Service which up until around 10 years ago was a very good service. Unfortunately, it has had to cope with the ever increasing population of this country, i.e. the immigrant explosion. Amongst other things it has had to cope with the loss of our very good quality doctors and nurses who have either gone abroad or gone private, because of poor wages and very unsociable hours (above the call of duty at times).

We were once, and I believe still are the country that provides excellent training for future doctors and nurses, some of whom become very dedicated to their profession, but unfortunately when the Government do not look after their assets, its got to happen that eventually people will seek a better lifestyle somewhere else, and gain some reward for it financially.

I do not believe for one minute that the Government should pay for all medical care, and I still believe in the National Insurance contributions that go towards the cost of medical care as being a source to help finance our NHS hospitals. Unfortunately, there are an awful lot of people in this country who for one reason or another have not contributed in paying towards the service let alone any facility offered to the general population, and this drains resources. But these people who do not contribute will say its their right to get whatever they can from the Government.

I have to be honest, I am not completely sure how the Government apportions the money when it comes to public funding, but it does seem that we have so many millions of people in this country who do pay towards the NHS and again so many millions who have probably never had to use the hospital services (and they are very lucky) we have a fantastic ambulance service in this country. So I am quite often shocked when I hear about the Government closing hospitals only to build another one in its place, which will probably take up to 10 years to build. I believe that the hospitals have far too many administrators (a number of which do little or nothing at all to ensure the smooth running of a hospital) and are paid a salary which is totally a waste of money.

I have worked in a NHS hospital and there were many administrators who when you went to see them were always in meetings. Not sure what they actually did work wise apart from trying to work out whether a chief executives office should be refurbished again or they could afford the new MRI scanner?

I think the Government should pay more attention to what is actually happening in the hospitals and I am sorry I am going off the rails here, but I have no problem contributing towards medical care, if I felt that some of the people in the hospitals were better equipped at doing a job. I am not talking about doctors and nurses.