Should Government Pay for all Medical Care – No

The mere notion that government somehow should pay for all medical care is fundamentally wrong if you believe anything that the constitution says about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness because our forefathers never wanted us to depend on the government to just hand it to us. Any person that works for a living, or toils toward a goal in life should have the common sense to know that something given to you means less than something worked for. Hence, working people have a real problem giving part of their paycheck to the government to dole out to people that have no intention of working such as the people on welfare.

There are several reasons that a government dole out of medical care would be more disastrous than anything we have now. First, look at the mess that the government caused by subsidizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. By the government backing a financial institution for mortgages the government made Freddie and Fannie as one economist stated on Fox Business ” Too Big to Fail, Too stupid to continue”. If the government screwed up the financial markets, imagine what would happen if it screwed up the medical care system. Time and again the government has proven that it cannot manage aspects of Americans life on a daily basis as it is, let alone the healthcare system. It has been said that “an elephant is a mouse, built to government specifications”.

One of the problems that we face in asking whether or not the government should pay for healthcare is in asking if we want to be a free capitalized nation any longer. When the government determines they will handle the banking system and then healthcare to boot, what has essentially happened is that we will have moved one step closer to a socialist form of government. This would prove that the American people can no longer be trusted with their own pursuit of happiness and that we have been lulled into complacency to just let the government handle every aspect of our lives.

Government healthcare for America would ruin our economy, in my opinion within a year or two. One of the political candidates states that he would want to put everyone on the government health insurance and charges that the whole reason that the Healthcare situation is bad is because of the uninsured. These charges could not be farther from the truth. The real reason is because Doctors have to keep raising their prices to cover frivolous malpractice lawsuits, the cost of malpractice insurance, and the most dastardly problem HMO’s. Healthcare Management Organizations is a sham of epic proportions because what it really is in essence is Lawyers trying to play doctor, and most of the lawyers that dictate what will be covered, I would be willing to bet, do not have much medical training or diagnosis training if any. What this question is really asking is do I want a politician with less experience in medicine and training to diagnose what I really need? My answer would be absolutely not.