Should Government Pay for all Medical Care – No

Here we are debating the same issue worded differently. Government paid medical care is the same as Universal health care, and it will not work. Who said the government owed any of us health care? That’s so new it still wears diapers. We are becoming a society of whiners with an entitlement mentality. Supporting government paid health care will reduce the quality of care for everyone. Just look at some of the countries that already have this, and I mean really look, don’t just ask. It has too many detrimental side effects to make it a valuable idea.

More government is never a good idea. We are not children that need our government to ‘take care of us’ or spank us when we don’t follow what someone else thinks we should do. We are adults who should learn to take care of ourselves, and help out those in need. Open market would be a better idea of how to better our health care system. Make them compete. Then, make them price things fairly. I just paid $80 for a flimsy little piece of material that was labeled a ‘chin strap’. Come on, you know that didn’t cost that much to make. Because of our systems faults (too much government interference?) medical companies of all kinds have to up the prices to pay for those who don’t pay. Does that mean the government should pay? NO, it means we need to find ways for health care to be affordable for the average Joe.

I could go on, but I’ll stop with this. If the government pays for medical care, where will the government get the money? Yuppers, from us! I don’t want to pay the government to pay my health care without the benefit of good health care. That’s what government paid medical care would lead to.