Should Government Pay for all Medical Care – Yes

I strongly feel that the government should pay for all medical care. Look at the United Kingdom and Canada, their government pays for all health care. There are so many American’s without health insurance today that it is totally not acceptable.  How many go without care until it is to late to really help them? How much of our tax payers money goes and helps people in other countries when we have so many citizens here who need help?

I work in a hospital and there are many without insurance. This has an impact on the economy as well. Many hospitals are not able to collect money from those with no health insurance. Sure there are state programs out there but many do not qualify by a few dollars. So then they are left with bills they are not able to pay. So they go unpaid, damage peoples credit and or they wont seek medical help until it is really bad. Then the cost is double or triple what it would have been to help them to begin with.

The days of working for a company and retiring with health benefits until you reach age 65 and are eligible for medicare are long gone. As I said before I work in a hospital and when I retire I will not have health benefits from them. So I will have to buy my own if I want to retire before drawing my social security. Most hospitals offer self funded insurance to their employees. What that means is you have to use their facility for your medical care. 

If they happen to be a small community hospital they may not offer all the services one may need. Such as cardiology, neurology and even some major surgeries. So then you could find yourself being shipped to another hospital who does offer these services and have to pay an extremely large out of network fee. So there goes the monies you have saved to pay for your health insurance when you retire and before you are able to draw your social security. 

Frankly those who have state health insurance have better health insurance then I do and my tax dollars help pay for it. So how fair is that? The middle class people are just that stuck in the middle no matter how hard you work it seems your just an illiness away from provety. If the government paid for everyones health insurance it may just encourage people to work and not try to live off the system.