Should Government Pay for all Medical Care – Yes

Yes, government should pay all medical cost.

The government already pays the medical care for people who are on medicare, and in order for a person to be eligible for medicare they have to have children or be disabled. So why can’t the government allow all uninsured Americans to be on Medicare? (The government also pays for their food and living expenses. I know for a fact that there are some women who purposely have more children because they will received more money from the government.)

As a person who is uninsured and not eligible for any help from the government because I do not have children and I am not disabled, it is a slap in the face as an American citizen when  I  turn on my television and see how the government will give people in Haiti and other foreign countries free medical care. The government tells Americans you have to help yourself, well why can’t the foreign countries help themselves too. I go without medical treatment, it has been years since I had a checkup. Diabetes and Heart disease run in my family and I can not  afford to get check for it.

There are a lot of Americans that are uninsured and are going bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills. I am an advocate with The American Diabetes Association and The American Heart Association. There are Americans who have diabetes and they do not have the money for their supplies to control their diabetes, they are reusing their needles and they are running out of insulin. The American Diabetes Association is trying to pass a bill  where people can afford their supplies but they are having a hard trying to get the government to pass it. There are also Americans with Heart disease that are uninsured and they do not have the money to save their lives.

When Haiti had their earthquake, there were tons of doctors who went to the country to give those people free medical care. These doctors worked for free, but when Nashville Tennessee had their floods where  was the free medical care for these American people? The government fails the American people! If it doesn’t change, America will be one of the poor  countries. The government needs to stop giving the foreign countries free medical help, the doctors need to stop going to foreign countries to give people free medical care, and they need to start giving  the American people free medical care