Should Government Pay for all Medical Care – Yes

Having the government pay for all medical care should be our goal. We can come close to reaching it if (a) medical care is made a budget priority (b) people in government are willing to change their life style and stop their excesses in government projects (c) IRS improve their collection of taxes making sure that the employed illegal immigrants pay their taxes too (d) the house and the senate listen to Michael Moore about his observations and ideas for a better health care system.

Equal distribution of wealth is what the majority of the population wants in this world. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and some millionaires are doing their part in contributing towards this end by giving back some of their wealth. For the government to pay medical care for those in need would be a big step towards equal distribution of wealth. Don’t forget that the government is already footing the bill for health care provided to those who need help the most including illegal immigrants. Those who feel that illegal immigrants should be counted out from the health care system should dig deep into their hearts. All they need are your kind hearts and understanding. The hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers have a solemn vow to give care to patients without regard to status, illegal immigrant or not. One way to make yourself feel better is to think that the funds being used by the government to cover for the health care of the illegal immigrants are from the taxes being paid by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey and other millionaires who are actually providing help for the care and welfare of needy people in developing countries and not from the taxes paid by you and me. They should be our role models for love not greed to people in need.

My concept of Universal Health Care is a very interesting one. All Americans and future Americans should be covered. There are those who can provide for their own health care without insurance or help from the government. There are those who have insurance to help provide for their health care and there are those who simply can not afford to pay the premiums for a health care insurance. Whenever any of those with health insurance can not pay all their medical bills for some reasons or another they should be able to plead poverty and the process of having the government help pay the bills starts. Those who simply can not afford to pay their medical bills for lack of health insurance or those whose income is below the poverty level or those who are unemployed should be able to get proper health care covered if not by Bill, Warren, Oprah, or other millionaires, by the government the wealthiest of them all.