Should Government Pay for all Medical Care – Yes

A healthy body is the right of every person in this country. I am limiting my view to those in this country because we are the only first world nation in the history of the world which has the temerity to expect every citizen to work for a lifetime only to save for chemotherapy out of his own pocket as a reward. Nations putting the health of its citizens first focus on preventing disease so more of the time its citizens have is quality time; many diseases we take for granted as being debilitating are unknown there.

The most demeaning commercial on television today has Montel Williams talking about how caring drug companies are by sending a bus throughout the country where the health-care-indigents can go beg for life-saving medication. A candidate for this largess has to first declare himself not only without worldly goods, but has to prove it. If he is lucky, he will be anointed with what should be his by right. This is supposed to make sense, but think about it. There are no alternatives! The need for health care is not a choice – your only option is to give up something else you consider important so you can have it, and then what? Whether you live or die us up to the insurance company!

More and more, Americans need to look off shore for alternatives, which are stunning by comparison. A clinic in India, for example, did a whole knee replacement on an American woman without insurance who priced the procedure here for upwards of $60,000, for $6,000. The price included airfare for two, a superior knee appliance than the FDA approved here, the surgery and two weeks R & R in Thailand before coming home. By the way, the orthopedists are Americans trained in this country.

But my favorite is when we are warned from buying drugs from Canadian pharmacies, not because of legalities (it is completely legal with prescriptions,) but because the quality can’t be trusted. The same companies manufacture and sell both there and here, but are telling us that they sell an inferior product in Canada!

Hate to say it, but if I were to go over the Clinton health care plan without the name attached, you’d love it. If the Democrats would grow some spine, we would have another shot at it and this conversation would be another that would be incomprehensible to future generations. We should make that a goal!