Should Mandatory Sterilization be Considered for Repeat Sex Offenders – Yes

This is a subject that has started many debates. Sex offenders make up a large portion of the world’s population. They walk the streets and can attack at any time. The unfortunate reality is that being a sex offender is like a disease.  Whether this is true or not only a sex offender will know. But all offenders that have been interviewed in the past, claim they couldn’t help it.  They will go to prison, only to rape someone on the day of their release.  This is not a normal person, this person has problems and if these problems cannot be resolved drastic action should be taken.

Some believe that if you steal something and you get caught, your hand should be cut off. The problem is by sterilising a sex offender, this action is not going to stop them from doing it again.  It doesn’t stop them from spreading sexually transmitted diseases. This being taken into account may be the argument, should we sterilise or do we castrate? Castration will prevent them from having the power and maybe make them realise what they have done.  Sterilisation will make no difference, these are sick people many of whom have no urge to get married and have children.  Sterilisation is not going to deter them in any way.

Being the difficult subject that it is, the sex offenders that have been caught for the first time should be advised about the possibility of sterilisation if they are caught again. Hopefully this will make them think before committing another crime, though most people believe that sterilisation alone is not enough of a threat to a person with that mindset.

We should find a way to stop sex offenders from being able to do harm to anyone. Whether society decides on castration, life imprisonment or life in a mental institution, keeping them away from people would probably be the only true course of action. This is an illness, it cannot be threatened out of them, because they have no self-control.  Another thing to consider is the taxes people pay will need to fund whatever decision it is to threaten a sex offender, though this is a better option than having them walking the streets and being able to commit an offence at any time.

In closing, sterilisation should be the first threat a sex offender receives upon being caught for the first time. Hopefully that will get through to them and make them realise that if they do anything again, there will be more serious consequences then a few months in prison.  But if that doesn’t deter them and they are sterilised, where do we go from there?