Should Parents be Held Responsible for their Minor Childrens Criminal Behavior – No

When a newborn cries too much, we don’t judge them, and then categorize them for life as too sensitive. As parents, we learn from the very beginning that, as much as we wish we could, we cannot take they’re place. We cannot take away the bad for them. We learn how to act on they’re reactions as they grow from newborn to infant. Then, from infant to toddler and so on.

A parent who has a minor child, should, by nature/be able to, take time away from any and all other daily responsibilities in order to attend to any issues pertaining to they are children. Temporary time off work for example should not in all fairness jeopardize ones job. It should not jeopardize the funding of a family in any way.
Unfortunately, reality seems to oppose this nature. Work. Bills to pay.. Etc.. It is not always possible to have the time needed to insure a consequence from a child’s actions is even being abated by. I assume that is exactly why the concept of fining a parent came into play. At least partially why anyhow. Yet, this confuses me. If majority of parents already are being forced to sacrifice time away from they’re children, wouldn’t fining the parents, only encourage more sacrificed time?

. If a child is refusing the lessons of consequence for they’re actions, It should be treated the same as if they were refusing crutches for a broken leg. Let them stumble. If they stumble into worst injury like say for example becoming immobile. Needing the help of a parent temporarily. Than this would become a medical, need. (Which for the majority would be allowed time off work in order to care for such needs)

Naturally, the teaching of children is the very first priority. However, not all children. Correction.
Most children do not learn from simple words of explanation. They learn from experiencing. Its they’re human nature. No different than any adult. Teaching children first is a necessity. Having time to teach, also, a necessity. If you have neither, there is no point in a punishment. Punishment without first teaching well, kids are resilient are they not? They will simply adjust. As opposed to learn maybe rather than fining a parent financially, we should implement some type of mandated time off work. If a parent is going to have to pay financially, only this will simply force them to work more hours. This does not at all send any message to a child except, more freedom to get into more trouble. If a parent is forced to stay home from work, than this will instinctively create a parent the ability to enforce proper and productive punishment. A child needs to understand the consequential results. They need to learn that they’re actions are powerful. The only way for them to grow into comprehending that such power can be good as opposed to evil is if they have the guidance necessary for such lessons to be learned. Just a brainstormed thought. Realistically, I know, this is most likely impossible to make happen. However, my point I hope will not be lost. The school systems as well as the parental guidance are the ONLY thing that will make a productive difference. Fining a parent simply takes the responsibility of action off the child and puts it onto the parent. Are we incapable of coming up with a better solution? A more reliable action? And a more than probable idea?
I would rather make the efforts than accept the current ways. Wouldn’t you?