Should Parents be Held Responsible for their Minor Childrens Criminal Behavior – No

The law of the land states that a child under the age of eighteen cannot be held responsible for their actions because of their age. The law also refuses to give a minor the right to vote or serve in the armed forces of the nation without parental consent. The last time I checked, children were supposedly to be in school until the age of sixteen. The idea of the thing is designed to prepare our young for what lies beyond the classroom; namely, the real world.

Now in typical bureaucratic fashion, the Justice System would like to prosecute not only the juvenile offender for which there are a myriad of juvenile courts, juvenile justice programs, probation officers and social workers, but also the parents of the juvenile offender.

This has nothing to to do with justice. This is deliberate punitive action against a parent who also ‘by law’ has no authority or say in the way his or her children are raised. The courts, the social service agencies and our public education system have all derived various means to deny a parent the right to discipline their children and also the right to educate them as to what is right or wrong. The state has effectively told us that our judgment is unsound and that we do not matter.

So, now when our children allegedly break a law, the same system that denies the parent the right to discipline and teach responsibility also wants to hold them accountable for the child’s actions. This is nothing more than double speak from a system that would sooner fill its own pockets at someone else’s expense than take a look at itself. What a despicable society we have become. What sad times these are. We become more like what we claim to despise every day. Read your history.