Should Pastors Pay Income Taxes – Yes

Religion-dissected into denominations based on the thoughts of man- is, at it’s core, no different than saying a fat man can fly around the world in one night, on deer. 

Jimmy Swaggart, a non-denominational pastor, lives in a home the size of Neverland Ranch.  I pass it on the way to school-a suburban castle built on hope donations.  Iron gates, walls, but for what? 

Religion, regardless of your denomination, is not interpretable by man.  Those who lead with charisma are successful.  Why?  Because so many are desperate for hope, for purpose.  This is not a bad thing.  But when a man leads, using the divine, he as well as his followers are riding the sleigh, with the deer, hitting every house on Christmas Eve, drinking the Kool-Aid, strapping a bomb, donating their food money to pay for another marble column on another mansion…

God is a lucrative business, especially in today’s society.  The possibilities are endless.

There are great men and women, virtuous men and women, God-fearing men and women, who pay taxes-far outnumbering the men who make a living selling God. 

The temptation to say no to this debate, is fear.  The fear that we all hopefully have.  The fear that there is something bigger, something divine, something to live for and respect.   But selling that hope and building a mansion with the proceeds, well, I say tax the living crap out of it.  Tax the taxes.  Tax the tax on the taxes.  Unless of course, they are doing God’s honest work.  But I don’t think the IRS is smart enough to discern the difference.  And we need those tax dollars for books. 

I believe in a higher power.  I believe in goodness.  But faith is simply faith.  It takes many forms.  Nobody is right.  Most believe what they were taught by their parents.   Some venture out on their own.  Some “talk” to their God.  Some bow…some don’t…some don’t believe at all.   The heart, the core, the truth, is that nobody knows.  Be good.  Be decent.  Pay your  taxes.  Simple…

You too, Jimmy.  Pay them.  Or…you could sell that home, move into a shack, and give your followers a little boost in these tough times-just a thought.