Should People Collecting Unemployment be Drug Tested – Yes

The United States of America is a great country. We help each other out by offering money to people when they are down on their luck and don’t have a job. Unemployment insurances enables families to get by while one of their providers is out of work due to a variety of reasons. You can only draw unemployment for a certain period of time. The longer the person is of work, the more the government has to pay in compensation.

Most companies require workers to take a drug test before being hired. If the person fails this drug test, they are not hired and that person has to collect more unemployment benefits. It is almost like that person is being rewarded for their drug use. If they can’t pass a drug test, they get to stay home and collect money, instead of going to work. If each person that is on unemployment is drug tested each week, then they are hire-able. You know that the government is not wasting their money. These people are actually people that companies would consider hiring. 

There are many rules that say who can and can’t collect unemployment insurance. You can go to many different websites to learn how to sign up and what the rules are for your state. With the state of the economy being so poor and so many people being out of work, there are many people drawing unemployment benefits. Drug testing people would save a significant amount of money, weeding out the people who are not employable. The United States spends roughly $10,300 on each unemployed person per year. Even if 10% of people didn’t pass the drug test, it is a lot of money that could be going to schools or elsewhere in the community. The government does not need to spend money on people who do not want to help themselves. Getting off drugs, and working with integrity are a good way for people to show that they are actually trying to get a job. 

In conclusion, even though it would be costly to drug test each person drawing unemployment benefits each week, it is still less costly than supplying unemployable people with weeks and weeks of money. In some cases, people may be able to draw unemployment for almost 2 years. The best thing would be to test everyone, and help the people that are willing to help themselves.