Should Police be Allowed to use Stun Guns – Yes

Stun guns have been used many times in the past by the police force, and why stop now?  Stun Guns are the most efficient way to take down a dangerous criminal without using a police-issued handgun and killing them.

The stun gun, or tazer, was invented for use by people for self defence, and through this, it has eventually weaved itself into the fabric of the police force.  The tazer usually consists of a firing mechanism which, when shot, sticks the target with two probes which then send a set amount of volts through a person’s body.  This will in turn stun the body and in most cases subdue a heavily armed or dangerous criminal.

These guns have been controversial with their use in the police force over the years.  Many of these cases include death by tazer because of improper training given to the officers.  In some bizarre cases, the officers keep shooting at the attacker while he is paralysed, which then causes death from severe heart attacks.  Although this seems very dangerous, new laws and rules have been implemented in the use and possesion of stun guns.  Proper training (A 3 week course) must be done in order for the officer to weild the gun.  By doing this, policeman will be properly trained and will know how to use the gun sufficiently.

Killing and murder are the most horrible thoughts in society.  Ansd stun guns prevent this from happening.  Although some people may say that the person tazed deserves dying, they don’t.  Court hearings would then proceed and adequate measures would be taken to ensure that the attacker get what he deserves.  It’s not only getting what he deserves, however, but it is also about protecting the lives of the innocent from knife weilding killers and intruders.  Stun guns have been invented to protect us, the innocent, from harm.

Stun Guns are the future in violent battles involving the police.  These guns can take down a fully grown man with ease and precision.  Stun guns are what’s best for society, and they should be weilded by officers of the law at all times. Without the use of these precision takedown devices, many unnecessary deaths can occur from the use of police issued guns, and this would create a huge difference in the community.