Should Sex Offenders be Registered

All convicted felons should be registered through local law enforcement agencies.  Do you want a sex offender living in your neighborhood undetected. Ask victims of crime if they want the crook that raped their child, with a flashlight, be able to walk freely in a school zone?  It actually disturbs me that this question is even asked in our society. 

Would you want to know if Charlie Manson moved to your neighborhood?  Why is a convicted murderer any more dangerous than a pedophile?  Is it because Manson will kill you, but he’ll probably leave your kids alone?

Liberalism is defending pedophiles.  Judges sentence sex offenders to light sentences which allows them to be back in schoolyards toting a bag of Jolly Ranchers.  Liberals don’t think we should track human beings.  It is an infringement of our freedom to privacy.  What do pedophiles do in with their privacy?  They lure your kids in and rape them. 

Wake up America!  People who are not victims of crime could care less about tracking sex offenders or crooks in general.  Since they have not been directly victimized by crime they remain asleep at the wheel. 

I use movie stars like Micheal J. Fox and Christopher Reeves as a perfect example of being asleep at the wheel.  Neither of these men were proponents of stem cell research until they were plagued with life altering medical conditions.  As soon as tragedy hit their lives they became outspoken leaders in the cure of illness.  Are you going to wait until your child is raped to be the unspoken voice calling for pedophiles to be tracked?  I hope not. 

I think the tracking of any forcible felon should be the goal we need to achieve.  All criminals who do harm to innocent people should be tracked on our radar screen.  These criminals were born free into society.  They chose to have their freedom taken from them the second they harmed human life.  Liberals can take their freedom fighting to a communist country and do good there. 

Wait until the next TV star is the victim of any crime.  Watch the call for justice for the evil done to them.  Sit back and donate to the charity they create to abolish all crime.  In the meantime, pedophiles are moving into your neighborhood and school zones.  Sleep tight liberal America.