Should us Citizens Accused of Domestic Abuse Lose the right to Bear Arms – Yes

It was easy to challenge the title and to wonder how fair it is to take away a person’s self defense based on an accusation. But people are arrested and incarcerated all of the time, based on allegations and accusations. There is no more potentially dangerous situation than a domestic abuse situation, and denial of arms, even if temporary, is appropriate at the accusatory stage of events.

One of the most difficult parts of the processes for breaking the cycle of domestic abuse is in getting the victim to report, complain, and press charges, then witness in court if necessary. When even a potential or alleged abuser is released on bail, confesses to a lesser charge, or otherwise is able to retaliate, having access to a weapon is not a bright idea.

There are processes for prosecuting and suing individuals who make false claims of abuse, but there are far more situations where the victim is killed at a later date, by the same abuser who was reported and arrested. In cases where the abuser is progresses to a psychotic, alcohol fueled, or drug induced state of rage, there is no predicting when that will occur, and if enough disturbance in the home or domestic situation has occurred to justify a law enforcement response, then there should be the extra caution of removing any dangerous weapons from the home and holding them until the facts can be straightened out.

Another problem with the title: “US Citizens”. Why on earth would we single out citizens of the United States for such action, when we have a huge population of non citizens who can be even more at risk for post arrest or post accusation violence with deadly weapons.

After a conviction, the right to bear arms should be lost, just as voting rights, the right to drive a car, the rights of registered sex offenders, and other rights remain restricted after felonies and other serious crimes are committed. Too many Americans focus far too much, and far too senselessly on misinterpreting one aspect of the constitution, while they fail completely to pay attention to their other responsibilities in life, as citizens, and as Americans.

Abusers who are convicted should permanently lose their right to own, be in the home with, or to operate a deadly weapon. Had this been the case long ago, a lot of women and children would be alive today.