Should us Laws be Based on how the Majority of Voters Vote or the Constitution – Constitutn.

Imagine a country where you could make any law that you wanted. Sounds pretty great right? Like something Utopian. You and everyone with similar ideas could live in peace and have no problems you could make your own laws and have things exactly the way you wanted them. But what about the people who had different opinions, what if, what you thought seemed like the perfect law, was not so perfect to them. So they made another law, that they thought best suited their purpose, but it directly had an impact on the effectiveness of your law. As you can imagine things would get out of hand pretty quickly, and this would result in total anarchy.

What I think, many people do not always realize, is that the Constitution was designed to protect the rights of everyone, not just the rights of certain groups or individuals, but of all the people. The founding fathers knew, that everyone has different opinions. They also knew that those different opinions, were what they fought so hard to protect. Those different opinions were fundamental in the founding of this country as the Declaration of Independence so clearly states. They knew that guaranteeing these freedoms was fundamental in forming “a more perfect union” as the Constitution states. What is more they were not just guaranteeing the rights of lawmakers and politicians, or people in places of power, but ,”We the people”, everyone in this country. They knew what is what like to have a tyrant ruling over them, denying their basic rights and freedoms, and they were not about to let that happen again.

So they formed the Constitution, to ensure the rights of every American, and they formed it in such a way that it would be easier to add rights than to take them away. They first listed every Americans ten basic rights, which is known as the Bill of Rights, these rights could not be changed or altered in any way, nor could they be taken away. These ten rights were what the nation was established upon. Congress could then add more rights by ammendments, however these could be changed or even repealed.

The Constitution guaranteed ten basic rights to all Americans, these rights could never be taken away, what is more any new rights could not take away one of these ten. Also if a new right was added, that right also could not be violated by any new right. So that, any right guaranteed in the Constitution is not only law but it is unconditionally guaranteed and cannot be taken away. In this way the founding fathers, knowing that there would be many who would try to take away these rights, guaranteed them to every American.

The US Constitution is something that every American should be proud of. It protects us, not only from lawmakers, but also from ourselves. It guarantees that every American is treated equally, regardless of race, social or economic class, color, or any other difference. It also guarantees that each person has an equal chance to succeed. So what the Constitution means for us is this: Each person has God given rights that should not, and, in fact, cannot be taken away, these rights are guaranteed by the United States of America, in order that each person is given an equal chance at what we call the American dream: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.