Should we Switch from Paper to Electronic Bank and other Statements – Yes

Bank statements are very important documents. They are documents that need to be kept in save places for security. For years these have been sent to customers by the mail. But how many of us really want another document to worry about, and to have to keep in a safe place or shred? That can become a hassle for many people. People don’t think that identity theft can happen to them. Since it can happen with paper statements and electronic statements equally, why not switch to the new way?

Personally, I would rather have an electronic statement. It is much easier to access, and you don’t have to worry about losing it. It can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. If I feel the need to have a paper copy of it, I can just print it out.

Older people, however, may feel differently. A lot of them don’t like change. Things have been done a certain way for many years, and they don’t see the need to change. It might not affect them in any way, but electronic bank statements can be easier for the banks. When businesses stopped returning checks to customers, my grandpa was upset. He felt that it was easier for people to steal identity. This may be true, however, it is an example of older people not liking change. They just won’t give it a chance. Also, many of them may not even know how to work a computer.

I’m sure banks would rather their customers use the electronic statements. Just think of how much money they are saving on postage. Just think of how much paper they would save. I know how many people want to save the environment. This can reduce trash, because I’m sure most people don’t recycle. It would also save several trees.

How many people actually open their statement when received in the mail? This may be another reason they want you to switch. Most people probably stash them away and never look at them. Eventually everything will be able to be done over the internet. It is something that everyone will have to get used to. Don’t be afraid of change. Give it a chance, you may like it better than your old way of doing things.