Should you Sign up with AARP – Yes

AARP can be a valuable tool for not only retired people, but for anyone who has turned the age of fifty, as the organization provides an invaluable source of information. They publish one of the best magazines for seniors, with clear and concise articles about retirement and other information geared to the senior set.

From personal experience, my wife and I were looking for a new insurance company, as we weren’t happy with our current company. AARP has a list of insurance companies that lists the pros and cons specifically for seniors, and we took full advantage of their resources to sign up with an insurance company that provided us with the best value for our needs. Essentially, AARP saved us a lot of time and effort by evaluating those insurance companies that provide the best health insurance for seniors and retired folk. We are extremely happy with the outcome, and the time saved for us was well worth it.

Other benefits that AARP provide is the role of “bodyguard” for seniors. It is a nice feeling to know that a large company is in your corner when you need to negotiate with different companies and organizations either when buying or using services that are connected with AARP. Whenever we mention that we were referred by AARP, it seems to us that we get faster service and a degree of respect that is very fulfilling when negotiating with an organization or company. But AARP takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation because their recommendations are usually right on the mark.

Another big benefit is the huge amount of discounts that being a member of AARP provides. Everything from travel deals, the already mentioned insurance companies, to automotive discounts are very helpful for the AARP member, and cost efficient as well! One can find all the important connections provided by the company in their magazine as well as their website.  It’s a nice feeling to have when you need to either buy something or even rent something realizing that it’s been thoroughly researched and given an important “stamp of approval” by AARP.

When the age of fifty is reached, AARP will send you in the mail an offer to join up with them for a small yearly fee. We paid sixteen dollars for our annual fee, which in our opinion is a very small price to pay for the fine services that AARP provide. Both my wife and I highly recommend this organization for anyone who turns fifty or older.