Should you Turn in a Friend for Drug use and Child Abuse

Drug abuse and child abuse are very unbalanced. But can be looked at as the same. You hurt yourself or your child.
Drug abuse is something you do to yourself willingly. You just can’t get en-of and you want more and more. Soon you just die you have done so much damage to your body and mind you just can’t live any more. These are week willed people who have no desire to understand that they have a purpose in life. They have given in to the out of mind experience and the i need to feel good all the time that they can not function in society. They beg borrow and steal from there families and friends to the point that they want nothing to do with them. They say iam getting cleaned up and spend a few hours in a halfway or rehab center house and back at it again because they can’t coop. Drugs are a huge money maker for the bad guys and we still after all these years of “WAR ON DRUGS” we still don’t have this under control. The drug rehab programs are not working because we have so many people on meth that it is like candy to them.
I remember when my children went threw the DARE program this was in the 80s and they are still teaching them the same stuff i learned about drug in the 70s. But they didn’t teach use how to not take drugs. Even in the DARE program they still don’t teach how to identify some of the new drugs out there. Even after the boys went threw the program my husband and i sat down with them and discussed drugs with them. We had them tell us what they learned and helped them by having discussions on what would they do if they were faced with a friend of family member abusing drugs.
To this day i must say my boys are drug free and most of there friends are also. Some of there friends have cleaned up there act because we would not let them stay at our house if they were high. You must have some standards and most people will change there way of thinking if they want to be part of your life. After many discussions with friends and family i think marijuana should be legal in all states and tax it like tobacco and alcohol. I would rather see some one high on grass them high on cocaine or heroin or some other mind altering drug that damages your heart and liver and other organs. The tax revenue alone would help our economy.

Child abuse. Oh this is a nerve that pains me more then any thing. I come from a time when child abuse was just really coming in to focus. It was nothing for my parents to take a belt to me for things i felt were not warranted for a belt wiping as it was called. I had called a student a name “bastard” well his mother called my mother and man did the belt come out. The next morning my mother came into my room and picked out what i was to wear to school the next day. When i arrived at school i was to apologize to him first thing. I was not allowed to ware a sweater and the dress i had to ware didn’t cover up all the belt whelps and bruises. The school was a private school so of course the teachers saw all this and things went south from there. That was one time out of many that i had to deal with threw my years of growing up. Wail raising my children the belt was never used. God gave us a butt for a reason and not just to sit on. My children got spanked on there butt. They have never been physically punched or slapped or kicked. Parents who do get physical with there children only make the issue worse.
The best way to deal with a issue is to talk it out let them pick the punishment. It helps them understand what they did wrong and that when they do something wrong they must suffer the consequence. Even when they have to pick the punishment.
Frustration factors are not always a good reason for abusing your child.
I had a teacher once tell me my child needed to be spanked on a regular bases to get him into shape. I laughed at her and told her she was a nut case. How dare any one tell a parent that there child needed to be spanked. Discipline is one thing abuse is another. When you leave a mark on your child you have scared them for life. When you break a bone on your child you have damaged them for life. Being a parent is hard but you are the grown up and should show you can handle being a parent. Make sure you don’t over react when a situation comes up that needs handling. Take that count 10 and calm your self and help your child understand what they did wrong and why it was wrong. There minds are still learning all kinds of new things and when you present more trauma then there mind shuts down and makes other problems come out that normally would not.