Signs you are a Shopaholic

Shopping can be a fun and satisfying experience for most people. However, if you are a shopaholic, shopping is more than a fun experience. It is a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and extreme lowers. A shopping addiction can destroy your finances, your family, and your marriage. If you are wondering if you might be addicted to shopping, then read on.

*Adrenaline rush

Do you experience an adrenaline rush while you are shopping? Do you get excited and anxious at the same time just by making a purchase? If you find your pulse racing and your temperature rising at the cash register then chances are good that you are a shopaholic.


A shopaholic will become depressed if they can’t shop. If you find yourself feeling sad or emotionally drained just because your budget or your husband won’t allow you to make that unnecessary purchase, you are addicted to shopping. Shopaholics are often depressed to begin with, and shopping is their way to lift their spirits or to fill another void in their lives.

*Buying things you don’t need

Have you ever gotten home, looked at your purchases, and wondered why you bought what you did? If your bags are full of things you simply don’t need but that you couldn’t resist buying, you are a shopaholic.

*Unopened boxes/tagged items

Take a look inside your closet. Does it look like a department store? Are there clothes in there that you purchase last year, but have never worn? Are there boxes that have never been opened tucked away in there? Shopaholics purchase items because they need the emotional rush. It doesn’t matter if they have any use for the item or not.

*Mounting debt

A shopaholic will quickly find themselves in debt. It doesn’t matter how much they make. Just like a drug addict is addicted to drugs, a shopaholic is addicted to shopping, and credit cards are their main addiction. They will continue to spend until they have exhausted all of their income and assets. Evaluate your credit card debt and spending habits to see if you fit this profile.

*Hide purchases from family members

Because shopaholics accumulate a large amount of debt, their families tend to get involved in the addicts impulse shopping. Family member will often try to discourage the shopaholic’s behavior. Since the addict does not have control over their addiction, this usually proves futile. In order to prevent the disapproval of one’s spouse or other family members, the addict will begin to hide purchases. So, if you find yourself hiding purchases and lying to your spouse about them, heed the warning signs.

Shopping addiction is a real and serious condition. It can destroy your family and your finances. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, it is time to evaluate your spending habits and get help.