Simple Steps to take to Lower your Air Conditioners Costs

With soaring temperatures going on right now in both Canada and the United States, it’s hard not to have the air conditioner blasting in the home like an icy Frigidaire. Unless air conditioner owners live in an apartment building where they do not have to worry about electric bills, homeowners will find themselves paying a hefty price for comfort.

According to, the average home air conditioner costs a household approximately $280 per year to run. That’s a lot of money for the average family. How does one go about slashing air conditioning costs, save money and remain relatively cool at the same time?

Here are some tips that will keep the home comfortable until the summer months pass.


Running an air conditioner all day may provide relief for those seeking a respite from the heat, but it can be costly and even loud. Try putting on the air conditioner at different short periods throughout the day. For example, put it on in the morning with all the windows closed for about 15 minutes then turn it off. Before bedtime, put the air conditioner for 15 minutes again and then shut it off.

Thermostat adjustment

Most experts agree that adjusting the home’s thermostat to 75 degrees is a good idea. It won’t keep the air conditioner indefinitely running each day, but it will maintain a cool feeling in the home. This will also slash air conditioning energy usage by a large amount.


Akin to the intermittent suggestion, keep fans running in different rooms of the home when the air conditioner is off. Fans do not use as much energy as an air conditioner and keeping fans spread out throughout the home helps keep the place cool.

Air filter cleaning

Dirty filters will lessen the air conditioner’s effectiveness, while increasing the costs of running and heightens the energy use. Check the system’s air filter each month and be prepared to change it every quarter or so.

Central system?

Does a household need an entire central air condition system? Of course not. Having one medium-sized air condition unit in one main room of the home can be just as efficient as a central system. It uses less energy, saves money and does nearly the same job.

Manual labour

There are many things to do around the house that will not cost one penny and contribute to the coolness. What can one do? Close drapes on the sunny side of the home, seal up leaks in the house, close the door to rooms that are not in use, turn off lights that are not in use and turn off certain electronics when not in use.