Simple Tips to Prevent a Dui

Well, the most obvious tip is to not drink and drive. But sometimes we do not know our limit or think we can control the alcohol rushing through our veins. In reality though, everyday there is someone who is hurt or killed by a drunk driver. And ironically it not the one who decided to get behind the wheel drunk who is hurt or killed? A responsible drinker is also a responsible driver.

If you are planning a night out with friends then live it up by all means. My friends and I get a hotel room nearby the clubs we go to and split the cost. It’s what we call a mini-vacation from life and we do not have to worry about driving. And remember, even if you are walking, the police can get you for public intoxication, so do not be a nuisance to the public and use the sidewalk please.

Take a cab
Again, you can split the cost with your friends. And you never have to worry about parking because you will be dropped off at the front door. How rock star is that? And many bars offer free ride services after they close. These services are either in the form of a cab ride or a bus.

Sober up
Whether you went out bar-hopping or to a friend’s house for cocktails the best solution after drinking is to get some coffee and eat some food. The food will help you sober up and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Take the keys
If you are throwing a party where you know there is going to be alcohol the best thing to do is take all the party-goers keys at the door if they are going to drink.

Designated Drivers
You should always have a designated driver when you know you will be drinking. And no one ever wants to always be the designated driver, so make sure you do the fair way: switch up each time.

If you follow even one of these tips you can make our roads a little safer. In 2006 there were 13,470 fatalities involving an alcohol-impaired driver. So if you plan ahead you do not have to worry about that night out on the town or that party of the year. We are all in this together and maybe along the way, you can prevent a life from being taken by an irresponsible driver.