Six Steps to Relief in a Real Estate Recession

Six Steps to Relief in a Real Estate Recession

An economic downturn can hit the real estate industry and home owners like a ton of bricks. Yet foreclosures can open the door for new home owners and for business opportunities. A few simple facts can guide buyers down a stress-free path to home ownership.

1. Cash In On Every Convenience

Real estate agents are willing to provide their customers with every convenience. Most companies offer online listings. Potential buyers can check out the market in the comfort of their own home. Virtual real estate shopping is steadily growing in popularity. Clients can even place bids on properties through these online services. Real estate companies often allow visitors to browse listings free for a seven-day period.

2. Pursue Preforeclosures

Preforeclosures can be a positive experience for both buyers and sellers. Perspective buyers get the chance to deal with home owners rather than with bankers or realtors. The sellers appreciate the opportunity to become involved in the process. A preforeclosure offers a faster, easier process than a government auction. Preforeclosures help cut through the red tape.

3. View The Variety

Foreclosed homes can be found in all price ranges. They can range from small houses to luxurious homes. Foreclosed homes can be found in every type of neighborhood. Upscale housing markets can also slow down in poor economic times. Home buyers can easily pick up their dream home with less investment. Even million dollar homes can end up in foreclosure sales.

4. Remember The Rules

Every state has its own regulations regarding the sale of foreclosed homes. Being aware of the rules will help avoid unwanted hassles. Some states offer a “right of redemption” where home owners can reclaim foreclosed homes under certain conditions. Distinct differences exist between judicial foreclosures and non-judicial foreclosures. The time needed to complete the foreclosure process also varies from state to state.

5. Remember The Reward

Buying a foreclosed home means getting a good deal. A home buyer can save between 10-50% on their home purchase. Even when buyers have to factor in necessary renovations, they can still emerge with a substantial financial gain. Foreclosed homes are sought after by investors. Such affordable houses are often given a new life as profitable rental properties. Home foreclosures mean that more people will be in need of rental accommodations.

6. Cash In On The Benefits

The recent US stimulus plan was created to help home owners. Check government and state regulations for any available benefits or credits. Learn about the $8000. US federal tax credit for new home buyers. Some states offer assistance in the form of competitive interest rates or help with down payments. Colorado’s Housing Authority offers a financial product to help home buyers.

Buying a home during a real estate recession can be a pleasant experience. Six simple steps can lead to a successful real estate deal. The well-informed buyer will take home the biggest prize. The economy may be in a recession but a smart shopper can still find his dream home.