Smart Financial Moves for Teens

Your a teen and you want to plan a secure future. Well, luckily there are many smart moves a teen can make towards planning a secure future. Teens have a lot of advantages with time being the number one advantage. Teens with the proper mindset can make moves which will put them in a different strata-sphere from there peers. Smart financial moves includes investing, limiting poor spending habits, researching, avoiding money traps and etc.


When you are a teen you can invest and make mistakes since you have room for error with time. Most teens like to spend money on experiences with their friends and run the risk of developing poor spending habits. All friends are not created equal. There are friends who improve your spending habits because they share or have better spending habits. Investing at a young age allows for you to make more money in your teenage years then in your adult life. Once you are an adult you are going to have living expenses to account for usually equating to less money for investing.

Limiting poor spending habits

Trying to avoid spending habits is hard to do. You can limit poor spending habits. Often times what leads to poor spending habits is the people you hang around. Find activities which are within your budget and leaves room for you to invest your money. When spending money you are going to have instances where you want to splurge, but do not make it a habit. When possible try to limit using credit.


Researching ways to make better financial moves puts you in a mindset which curbs your spending appetite. When you are on the constant look out for investments you will be less likely to randomly spend money. When researching you will find how to make your investments work better for you. When researching you will be enlightened and be hesitant about using credit unnecessarily.

Avoiding money traps

When you are a teen you are going to make a lot mistakes without guidance. Even with guidance you will make mistakes because investment strategies are always changing. When making moves it is important to make sure it is a credible investment. When investing it is better to invest your money with an asset you can easily liquidate. Real estate may seem like a good investment, but if you hit a snag in the road it can become a liability.

There are many moves a teen make to better their future. Above are my top moves teens should consider making. Good luck!