Smart Investments for 2011

Investing is one of the most effortless ways to increase wealth. Nevertheless, it is extremely difficult to identify which stock will perform profitably during a particular period. Knowing where to put their money is a major concern for investors.

Similarly, there are professional brokers, financial analysts and economists who are skilled and learned regarding stock trading and investing. Hence, the following are some of the smartest and highly viable investments for the new year.

Investments in precious metals

Investments in precious metals specifically in gold and silver bullions are predicted to yield better returns. Gold and silver are also risk free investments. The longer you hold to such precious metal investments, the higher profits you’ll yield.

There are also options where you can purchase gold in electronic form thus, erasing the risk of theft.

Real estate investments

Real estate investments can be quite tricky. During the past economic recession experienced in the United States, the housing market fell. Nevertheless, investors should understand that real estate industry is a long-term market.

It’s normal for the real estate markets to fell once in a while but over time, it promises huge returns. The collapse of the housing market during the recession was brought about by investors who panicked and hurriedly sold their real estate investments.

Stock markets particularly in oil, information technology and banking

Stocks particularly oil, information technology and banking stocks are expected to be amongst the most profitable stock market investments in the current year. Needless to say, the stock market is starting to recover from its recent downfalls.

Oil is always a smart investment while the financial intermediary industry is rising.

Fixed time deposits

Investing money in fixed time deposits is much better than investing in a plain savings account. Fixed time deposits can only be withdrawn on a determinable future time which allows the bank to effectively position and loan your money.

Naturally, it offers higher interest income.

US treasury bonds

Investing in US treasury bonds is another long-term investment game. US treasury bonds are secured by the government which makes it more appealing to investors. US treasury bonds are available in denominations as low as $1,000.

Savings account

Savings account is always a safe and smart investment. Despite its low returns, savings accounts are secured by the federal and regulating bodies. Investing in a savings account is perfect for those people who are looking for conservative ways to preserve wealth.