Smart Spending how to get Stores to Accept Online Coupons

Online coupons have gained a great deal of popularity these days. More so now that the global crisis has raised its ugly head. They can save you hundreds over dollars over a very short period of time.They’re easy to find and easy to print out. The excitement of gaining discounts on various items never wains. Those strapped for cash deem online coupons a true blessing. Yet  one of the most common complaints one frequently hears, is the fact that some stores refuse to accept printed Internet coupons. Problems with online printable coupons began back in 2003, when a host of stores unknowingly accept counterfeit coupons.

This of course, resulted in major losses to many companies. Therefore the only solution was to stop accepting them. Yet many manufacturers and retailers realized that they were losing a plethora of customers. They then introduced coupons with scannable bar codes. Most of today’s discount coupons come with an expiration date, standard terminology which states that only one coupon per person is allowed and no photocopies are permitted. One can get discounts on just about any salable items these days. From groceries to clothing, movie tickets to hair salon discounts, the sky’s the limit.

But this does not mean that store managers won’t refuse to redeem them. At times, there is confusion about the corporate policy related to redeeming online coupons. Yet there are simple steps to take to help avoid coupon refusal. First and foremost, ensure that you use reputable online coupon services. Reputable companies will ensure the coupons that are offered, follow security guidelines. Their company‘s reputation is in the limelight, therefore they will ensure that what they offer is above board. Always seek approval on the online printed coupons prior to filling up your shopping cart. Stop at customer service and get the go ahead first.

If you do not gain approval from the checkout operator, ask to speak to the manager and find out first-hand why you are being refused.But do not get into a heated disagreement. This proves nothing, be polite and it could pay off. When you print out online coupons do not clip the coupon at all. Take the whole sheet of paper with you. This will show the name of the website where you got the coupon from. You can then show this to store managers who may not be familiar with the actual coupon, but know the company well. One can also contact the corporate office of national grocery store chains.

Request a letter which specifies the corporate online printed coupon redemption policy. Have this is a firm grip as you head into the store, show it to the cashier and store managers. By having this in your hot little hand, you should not face any refusal. Perchance this all seems somewhat complicated to save a mere few dollars, yet it all adds up. Printed them out and using them is far from complicated. With escalating food price and the global economic crisis, one would be foolish not to make good use of printable online coupons when they can. These coupons are the only way a myriad of people can save some money nowadays.

If for any reason your online printable discount coupon is still refused, contact the customer service department. Tell them where you got the coupon from (the website) what your were attempting to purchase, when you attempted to use it and where. Name the specific store, give them the address and contact number. This way headquarters can follow up on your complaint.