Smart Ways to Spend 2000

Let’s face it: Twenty dollars just doesn’t go far today. But if you put on your thinking cap and get creative, it’s amazing what you can do with a mere twenty bucks. Here are some smart ideas to get the ball rolling:

Buy $20.00 worth of items at the dollar store. From food to cleaning supplies to office supplies and greeting cards, dollar stores generally stock a large variety of items. With the good value available on each individual item, you get that value times twenty. Not a bad deal.

Buy a supply of batteries and candles. These are items that many of us simply don’t keep on hand. But when you need them you need them. Not glamorous, but look at it this way: you’ll be prepared for the next power-outage in your area.

Ever fallen on the ice? Buy a few bags of rock salt. When a sleet storm hits, you’ll be prepared to cover sidewalks and driveways. Carry a bag or two in the trunk of the car. If you get stuck on ice or in slush, a little rock salt sprinkled under a tire is great for getting “un-stuck.”

Go shopping at a clothing-thrift store. This idea may be unattractive to some folks, but it’s simply amazing the values that you can find. Much of the clothing is nearly new, and brand-names are generally available. You might just walk out with 3 or 4 articles of clothing for your twenty bucks. It may take a bit of time searching the racks, but in the end it’s a smart buy.

Here’s an idea for writers: Pick up a copy of Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.” A timeless classic, this is still one of the best writers’ tools available. There are even updated versions available and at the right price.

Make paper copies of all your important documents, and store them in a safe place away from the originals. Although many of us maintain electronic copies of these items, it’s still a good idea to have a set of hard-copies available at a location other than home or with the originals.

Add twenty bucks to your mortgage or car payment for one month. For most loans, this additional amount will be applied directly to your principle. It’s not a lot, but it’s just that much less spent on interest.

Donate to your favorite charity. It’s always smart to “give back,” and it’s personally rewarding, too.

Finally, spend $20.00 at the bank. In other words, save the money. Granted, it’s not much, but you can never go wrong saving money for that proverbial rainy day.