So you got a Dwi Here’s what you need to do

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DWI, DUI or IMPAIRED) is the most dangerous cause of accidents and deaths motorist face daily. Everyone in America who drives knows and understands the consequences of drinking and driving, yet for some selfish reason many people still get behind the wheel drunk. Police look for many different signs before pulling over a driver suspected of drunken driving. Some of the factors police look for are driving with the headlights off, sudden acceleration and than slowing down, swerving from lane to lane, tailgating, wide turns, illegal turns and many other driver errors that will cause the police to suspect a driver of impaired or drunk driving.

Refusing to take the breathalyzer test may result in additional charges and deemed as an admission of guilt depending on individual state law. To find a lawyer in your state go to DWI.COM, click on your state and hire a qualified lawyer to fight your case. Do not attempt to represent yourself; judges have no patience in their courtroom for defendants who have made a mistake. DWI, DUI and IMPAIRED driving are serious criminal offenses and it is necessary to find an attorney who specializes in drunken driving defense law. Challenging the blood alcohol level and the actual traffic stop is your only option. Experienced defense lawyers know how to plead your case to reduce the charges in your favor. If this is your second or third offense, then hiring an attorney is even more important.

In most states, it is a mandatory loss of driver’s license and repeat offenders can get jail time. Innocent victims on the highway who are not drinking and driving are the ones who suffer the real consequences. When a DWI occurs and the drunk driver is involved in an accident, upgraded charges will result in more serious fines and jail time.

Most people who drive under the influence do not believe they even have a problem. Just because they can still walk after drinking 10 beers in a short period, they feel they can still drive a car. The average size person only needs to consume three drinks per hour with one ounce of alcohol per drink to be legally drunk. The slightest buzz can still get you arrested for impaired driving. People who carry a CDL license have much more to lose and will have a difficult time finding employment after their suspension is over.

Depending on which state you live in, some states offer a restricted drivers license that will permit you to drive to and from work. Zero alcohol level is required at all times while driving on the restricted program. Before getting your drivers’ license back, you may be required to attend an alcohol and substance abuse counseling program before the state restores your driver’s license.

The best way to avoid DWI, DUI or IMPAIRED driving charges against you is simply not to drink and drive. The old saying goes friends do not let friends drink and drive; however, when your friends are drinking with you, keep in mind that taxicabs drive you right to your home, and police cars drive you right to your jail cell.