Social Security will soon be Ending – No

The question, which hangs over Social Security’s continued funding, is an easy one to answer. In the short term, Yes and over the long term, No! The reality is that, even before our ongoing Economic Crisis, Social Security was only 10 years out from going into red ink territory at a socially alarming rate. However, now, in a day and age when our government is already hemorrhaging massively – due to: devil may care budgeting, runaway spending, and rapidly decreased taxing revenues – our currency is already being deflated at a very fast pace to merely stay afloat!

The consequential effects of this [already ongoing] currency devaluation will soon begin, being felt, here at home.  While the American electorate enjoyed its sound sleep, our nation has undergone some very important societal changes, among these: the quiet departure of much of our American Industry, the elimination of any backing for our currencies, the rapid expansion of our domestic monetary supply, and the accumulation of 60 trillion dollars of obligatory debts.

Without a solid industrial base, in order to domestically manufacture our own goods, America is highly dependent upon other nations to supply those necessities. In exchange for these goods, they expect a reasonable payment of an equal amount of stable U.S. Dollars. If the currency were to go down significantly in value over time, they would essentially be giving their products away at fire sale prices! Thus, as their confidence in us swiftly erodes no one will long take our money.

By floating our currency on the open markets, without any substantial backing at all, our currency has become a fluid commodity. Thus subject to “Supply and Demand,” its value is based upon the amount of supply relative to its demand as a promissory note, or stabilization marker. Consequently, the more of it we invariably print over time, and the amount of time called being into question, dictates the relative value of its worth!

The Federal Reserve printed 2 trillion, at the behest of President Bush to prop up our banking institutions prior to leaving office. Meanwhile President Barak Obama ran on the platform of printing between 5 and 7 trillion more to stabilize our already disrupted economy. The starting point was only 11 trillion dollars of existing currency. Thus adding 9 trillion more substantially dilutes the ongoing value of this pool of money!

This forces other nations to either: artificially prop up our currency through certain individual adjustments at their own national expense, or decide it simply isn’t worth the economic bother. So far, they have invested much on our eventual successful outcome. That is because we are a wonderful market of shopaholics and thoroughly addicted consumers. However, like us, they don’t have an infinite amount of excess money to so invest!

Meanwhile, our government is not even considering the need to balance its books – in fact, they are actively pursuing socializing health care – along with an even more progressive agenda. All of that money is coming from somewhere… Our trading partners are currently offsetting it, even as we print it! Although, that is very nice of them, it really isn’t very wise; and they know that full well. In fact, they are becoming very nervous, despite the assurances of our nonchalant political leadership!

Nor, do they [personally] enjoy holding all of our truly massive debts. This too is making them squeamish! You see, if we were to suddenly default, then they would be left holding the bag. More likely, however, we’ll just inflate our currency some more. Of course, that only makes those debts worth less over time; and, over much time, merely worthless. Either way they lose, if we don’t straighten out this mess soon!

As it becomes apparent that they are in a one-way [or abusive] relationship, their policies toward us will inevitably drastically change. In the meantime, its business as usual in Washington D.C… after all, who knows, when the music will stop? Hopefully, it’s after we’re out of office!

Thus, the merry-go-round is rapidly approaching its end! Since the Baby-boomers represent such a large political block, they’ll continue to prop it up until a certain percentage of them are all gone. This is the political reality, as expressed by many, on the hill! But Social Security’s heyday is rapidly approaching its end! The question is not if, but when.