Solving the Problem of Drug Trafficking

The solution of the “problem” of drug trafficking is to simply decriminilize drugs. The “War On Drugs” is simply a government scam to create needless jobs and waste millions upon millions of dollars.

The United States loves “war.” I cannot count how many wars the United States has declared, but this particular one is a complete waste of time. The demand for drugs in this country is an epidemic of biblical proportions.

With the pharmaceutical companies lobby the government with millions of dollars, they create “Drugs” for all sorts of problems. The problem is, their drugs are synthetic. Many of the synthetic drugs have caused many deaths and numerous class-action lawsuits.

Yet, with the dangers of man-made drugs, they are still available, some without a prescription. It’s such a backwards policy that this country has really backed itself into a corner.

While millions are being spent on finding, and destroying, marijuana, people are living on the streets; people are starving; the prisons are filled with non-violent criminals, while the violent ones roam the streets, due to overpopulation.

The government’s answer? Build more prisons. When will they finally realize that marijuana is nothing more than an “adult” thing to do, much like going out for an alcoholic beverage.

And, comparing marijuana to tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is the least dangerous of the three, yet it remains illegal. Alcohol-related deaths are still daily occurrences, and drunk driving is still a grave danger to the roadways, all the while the lonely pot smoker sits down and relaxes and has a puff.

The way to rid drug trafficking is to simply stop trying to seize the operations and legalize marijuana.

This country needs to stop spending money on things that are a lost cause. If the United States would just take control of the marijuana industry, and turn it into a profitable business, much like alcohol and tobacco, this country would make a ton of money, and save millions in the process, and I believe the rest of the hard drugs would fade away because people would just smoke pot and remain peaceful.

I believe marijuana is the “solution” to World Peace. If everyone would just put down their damn weapons, smoke a bowl, smoke a joint, smoke from a hukka, or however you choose, I guarantee, in 15 minutes or so, all wars would be over and peace would grace this planet.

This country really needs to rethink its strategy and create a whole new outlook on this situation.