Solving the Problem of Drug Trafficking

Solving the problem of drug trafficking is an ongoing effort or non-effort in some counties and cities.
Of all the illegal “street drugs” available today, crack cocaine, by far, seems to be the devil’s advocate. One “hit” or one time use of crack cocaine can leave the user addicted and set on the path to the eternal struggle to find the same high as the first use, which he will never achieve. A crack addict will lie, steal, rob and manipulate to get the funds to buy more dope. Any drug that will make a person steal from his own mother is a scary substance.
Law enforcement do not seem to be doing enough to eliminate or at least minimize the current crack cocaine problem, which is of epidemic proportions. I believe the reason for the apparent lack of concern on the part of law enforcement is due to the fact that, many of the crack cocaine dealers or pushers know just enough about the laws to keep them on their side and they use these laws to protect themselves from arrest. It must be extremely discouraging to law enforcement officers to remove a crack dealer from the streets to find them selling again three days later. There needs to be stiffer penalties for anyone caught selling or manufacturing crack cocaine.
My suggestion is to force convicted drug pushers to “register”, the same as a sex offender must register. If a person is a registered drug pusher, he should not be allowed to stand on a street corner( just as a sex offender can’t visit a park). This would allow law enforcement to make an arrest in the event that a registered drug pusher is “hanging out” on a street corner. I know this may sound harsh to some, you may ask, why shouldn’t one be allowed to be on the street corner. Well, if we, as citizens, are ever to get rid of these parasites, we must demand that their operations are not as easy to run as they are now. It gives law enforcement the upper hand, which is where the upper hand should be. I for one despise anyone who sells a product, such as crack cocaine, that ruins lives, destroys families, causes theft and so on.
A crack addict once told me that crack cocaine “is the devil” and I could see the desperation in his eyes. People can tell you that marijuana is just as bad, but I for one have never seen a pot head out stealing from others to support their habit, as a matter of fact, a pot head won’t get off the couch, except to get another bag of potato chips.
We need to take a zero tolerance attitude toward crack cocaine and make these unpleasant characters who keeps selling it pay the price!