Spending Tips for College Students

In today’s struggling economy, we are seeing more and more young people who are solely responsible for financing their own college tuition and expenses. It is rare that parents are paying the way for their children to get their continuing education, even if only partially. They may wish that they could, but it is simply not feasible. The cost of living has been on the rise far faster than most incomes have kept up with. For that reason, college students today must learn to be good budgeters and make their dollars stretch as far as possible. The following spending tips can help these young people to get through the college years with less debt and perhaps even a bit of cash left in their pockets.

*Get a roommate-Sharing living expenses is one of the smartest things that a college student can do to save a ton of money. Living in the dorms or renting a two bedroom apartment is far less expensive than renting a home or apartment on one’s own. You will also be able to split the utility bills. They will be higher for two people than for one, but there is always a base rate that will always be the same.

*Share books-College books are extremely expensive. Many are in excess of one hundred dollars! If you can find a classmate that you trust and will see regularly, you can purchase one book and share it. This works especially well if you have the class at different times.

*Buy textbooks used-The college bookstore will usually have a section of used textbooks that can be purchased for a fragment of the price of new ones. You can also check on Ebay or other online sites.

*Use public transportation-Owning a car costs more than just the payments or the initial cost of the vehicle. There is regular upkeep, such as oil changes and tune-ups, insurance, and if something unexpected happens, you can end up with a huge repair bill.

*Learn to use coupons-Coupons are great little money savers on your everyday needs and expenses. Go through your newspapers, the store circulars, magazines, and even online sites, such as www.coupons.com before you head off to do your shopping.

*Learn to cook-Learn to cook at least a few simple meals and you will save a substantial amount. Going out to eat or ordering food for delivery can really add up over the course of a month.

When you are in the college years, it is crucial that you learn to make the most of every dollar you have. These will be the “lean years”, but you can make it through. When you are finished, life will get much easier as you will be well-equipped to earn a decent living and enjoy life!