Stay Cool and Save Money

Saving money while staying cool during the summer when the heat runs you inside under the air conditioning can seem to be impossible. It’s not. There are several things that you can do to save money during the hottest season of the year while you keep cool. There isn’t any need to turn everything but the air off either.

Servicing the air conditioner regularly by having a technician come out to check it to make sure it is working properly can save you a good bit of money on energy. Changing the filter on a regular basis and ensuring that the vents are not blocked to allow the air to flow freely will keep the unit from working harder.

Turn the thermostat up a few degrees and use fans in the occupied rooms to help circulate the cold air. When you leave for work turn all the fans off and turn the air up a few more degrees. As hot as it gets in the summer by the time you get home the air should have already cut itself on and began cooling the home again provided you have the fan set to auto to prevent it from running all day long.

Dressing for the weather in shorts and a tee-shirt will make a lot more sense than wearing long pants and sweaters. Investing in a pair of sandals will help to keep your feet cool which will help to keep you cool. Dressing in light layers if you’re prone to getting cold will help you by making sure you can remove a layer if you’re hot. You can also add more layers if you happen to get cold.

Hot showers might be something that you enjoy but they could be running up the power bill and making you hot. Taking shorter showers in cooler water can not only save money on heating the water but it can help to keep you cooler. Leaving your hair a little damn when you get out of the shower will help to cool you off as well. Cool water in a spray bottle will help to cool you off if you spritz yourself with a couple of squirts throughout the day.

Hydration is important if you want to keep cool. Drinking plenty of cold water throughout the day will help you to prevent feeling hot. It will also help to keep you from loosing fluids in the heat.

Avoiding the use of the dryer will prevent additional heat from being added to the home. Cooking in the evenings when it’s cooler and avoiding the oven will help you to prevent additional heat in the home. When it comes to adding heat to the home the dryer can be guilty as well. Washing the clothes in cold water and hanging them out will avoid the extra heat in the house and save the cost of running the appliance.

If you have kids get them in the habit of conserving energy and dressing for the weather. Encourage them to go swimming or spend time outside in other ways. This will save you a small fortune on cooling costs provided they have adequate shade and water to drink while they are out. Teach them not to leave the door open when they go outside, you don’t want to pay to air condition the entire world.

There are a dozen things that you can do in order to keep cool this summer and still save money.