Stolen Credit Cards Aren’t all that’s Missing know what else is in your Wallet

For those who have had their wallet stolen, the first thing that comes to mind is missing credit cards and cash. However, there are other valuables to consider when you wallet has been stolen. While it is true you cannot replace cash, credit cards can be stopped and new cards issued. But what about the other documents in your wallet, that you have not even begun to realize the value of?


When you think licenses the first thing that comes to mind issued driver’s license. However, for those professionals whose job requires them to carry a specific license, having these stolen with your wallet could cause considerable grief. Very often, professional licenses require a new application process, verification of identity, and in some cases may even require grades. For professional who requires a license for their work, this is a valuable that needs to be considered when their wallet is stolen.

Social Security card

If you wallet has been stolen with your Social Security card in it, the person who stole your wallet has enough personal information to cause you some real problems. While most people do not carry missiles security cards in their wallet, if they do this document is very valuable and steps must be taken immediately to protect your identity.


Some people may not consider photographs valuable. However, if you had photographs in your wallet that cannot be replaced it can be devastating when you wallet is stolen. Children, grandchildren, and even parents photographs may not ever be able to be replaced.

Pay stubs

Stop and think about how much information is contained on your pay stub. They often contain not only your employer’s name, but your full name, useful security number, and if you have direct deposit they may have your banking information. Pay stubs are among the missing valuables to consider when you wallet is stolen.


A stolen wallet can create all types of problems for the owner. Too often, along with cash and credit cards there are missing valuables that must be taken into consideration. As soon as you discover that your wallet is stolen, sit down and try to calmly make a list of everything that is missing. You may be surprised at how many missing valuables you need to consider when you wallet is stolen. Most items are stolen when you wallet is missing can be easily replaced, or as in the case of cash are just gone. However, protecting your identity becomes crucial if you wallet has been stolen.