Stop Junk Mail

How to stop getting junk mail?  I don’t think it is really possible.  I think everywhere on the planet gets some junk mail, or at least does if there is a postal service and it finds out where you live.  Can you stop junk mail by removing your names from the lists?

One woman I knew was bound and determined to stop her junk mail.  She destroyed all her credit cards, only paying cash, never filled out or participated in lotteries and would always send back the “remove me from your mailing list” cards.  They removed her from their mailing, but then sold her name and address to some other company.  She also continued to get “current occupant” junk mail.  It ended with her threatening to shoot the postman with a shotgun, and she then got Christian pamphlets delivers to her jail cell.

My grandfather, bless his soul, said one nice thing about dying is he wouldn’t be getting junk mail.  He doesn’t get it, but they still send it out in his name and the post office just hasn’t yet worked out how to send the stuff to heaven.  It still seems to be piling up and will be delivered when the dead rise back up, junk mail seems to never die.

It seems that the junk mail lists come from a variety of sources and to stop junk mail you need to eliminate your name and address from all those sources.  Unfortunately that is easier said than done.  The sources include the aforementioned credit card and survey lists, but also phone companies, land registry, utility bills and voter lists.  Some companies even get the lists from schools, hospitals. and doctors!  What does this mean?

It means that the only way to completely stop junk mail is to become a complete and total nomad, (note it is nomad, not hermit as hermits have a fixed abode) and to never participate in any social activity.  You also need to be born at home and with no attending physicians or nurses, then hope your parents keep you a secret and do home schooling.

The only other option to stop getting junk mail is to move to the bottom on the ocean floor, ships won’t work as they need to be registered!  Though the ocean floor might not work either, those postmen can probably dive!