Store Reviews Costco

Costco is a warehouse club that can save you money on a wide variety of items. It is popular nationwide and offers many products and services.


In order to shop at Costco, you must become a member. A standard annual membership costs $50 and includes a card for two individuals. Business owners and managers can get a business membership for the same price. Those who spend a lot may choose to get an executive membership for $100. The main benefit is that you will get an annual 2% reward on your purchases (up to $500). You will want to make certain that you will realize enough savings by shopping at Costco in order to make up for the price of membership.


Costco offers a wide range of products. They have a small selection of jewelry. They offer clothing for men, women and children. They have household appliances including small appliances like toasters and even some larger ones like washing machines. They offer furniture, books and DVDs. A great deal of the store is dedicated to food. They have a bakery with fresh foods as well as prepared foods, cheeses and more. They offer a wide range of produce. They have large platters that are great for parties. They also have many different types of food in jars and cans. They offer electronics like computers and cameras.

While Costco offers a wide range of the types of products, they do not typically offer a great selection in any one type. For instance, they may offer only one type of toaster, one type of mop, etc. They may have a couple of options, especially if they offer a Kirkland brand version. This is their own brand and may be cheaper than the name brands.

Many of the items Costco sells are in bulk. This can be excellent for parties and businesses, but may be too large for some families. Costco also offers some more unusual items as well.

They offer services as well. You can get new tires for your car or a wide range of photographic items.


The main reason most shop at Costco is the amazing savings you can realize. You may get products for far less than at your neighborhood grocer, department store or more. Especially if you buy in bulk, your per unit cost for the items may be very reasonable. Not everything is cheaper, though, so it is important to price compare before making a purchase.


Costco also offers many items at These may or may not also be available in their stores. You can purchase many items from jewelry to photographs to furniture and more online.

Other factors

Costco offers opportunities for savings, however, there are other factors that may influence your decision on whether to buy there. They are not a full service store. If you choose to buy clothing, there is no dressing room in which to try it on. They do offer a little café in each store where you can buy inexpensive items such as a pizza, wrap and salad. When you check out, they do not provide shopping bags. An associate checks your receipt as you leave the store.

Costco is an excellent place to shop and save, but it is not for everyone. Consider the advantages and disadvantages when deciding whether this store is for you.