Strange and just Plain Stupid Laws of Georgia

So you’ve been staying on your boat for 31 days, or you and spouse have been having a little fun with some ‘toys’. Well, according Georgia’s laws, what you are doing is illegal. Across the U.S each and every state seems to have strange and sometimes even stupid laws. In Georgia, you may not own sex toys or live on a boat for more than 30 days at a time. Make sure you don’t use any profanity in front of a dead body, whether it be at a funeral home or the coroner’s office.

You wanted your donkey to join you in your bathtub? Or maybe give it a bath in the bathtub? Think again. It is illegal for your donkey to be in a bathtub. (Though who is really going to let a donkey into their house?) Also, don’t think you can get away with carrying an ice-cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday, it just so happens to be illegal.

If you just so happen to live in Acworth, Ga, then you better own a rake. Rumor has it that because the nearby city of Kennesaw passed a law requiring all citizens to own a rake, Acworth passed the same law to poke fun at that law. 

In Athens-Clarke county, if you are 16 or younger than you better not get caught playing pinball after 11 P.M. Actually according the Sec. 3-8-3, you are not allowed to use amusement machines during  normal school hours when Clarke County schools are in session. Sorry guys. Also in the same county, you may not whistle very loud on Mondays if it’s pass 11 P.M, but you may whistle softly!

Now two strange laws are in Atlanta. If you just happen to have a pet giraffe you cannot legally tie it to a telephone pole or a street lamp. One should be more concerned with the fact that someone actually has a pet giraffe they are walking around with. The other strange law is one man may not be on another man’s back. Not sure what’s that about.

So you and your sweetheart are sitting in a tree, carving your initials on it. Oh sweet and how illegal if you just so happen live in Columbus, GA. Even if it’s on your own property, you cannot legally carve your initials on the tree. Also, you may not cuss over the telephone and you may not wear a hat in the movie theater in Columbus. Another couple of strange laws in the county are: You may not have a picnic in a graveyard (how romantic…not) and you may not be buried under a sidewalk of a cemetery. And remember when you couldn’t sell beer on Sundays, well apparently you can’t sell corn flakes on Sundays either!

So there you have it, a few more laws you didn’t know about. No matter how strange they are, they are still indeed laws that you must follow or risk getting fined or arrested.