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The best tip is to take the bare minimum of the field you want to get into,a really short one that will introduce you to what you will be doing,for example if you want to become a doctor try being a nuse’ s aid first.This way you reduce your debt and if you realize this is not what you want to do,at least you didn’t dig yourself too deep of a hole.

The fact remains that 90% of students are not fully aware of all their options for financial aid and debt reduction.While working and going to college at the same time might seem like the better option,in some cases it is not.In my Canadian province,unemployment insurance pays most if not all if your college/university fees,plus give you a raised unemployment insurance check.If this is the case you should probably ask your boss for a lay off so you can pursue your studies and claim unemployment insurance to cover your college fees.

Try not to get too many credit cards,the bank is bound at some point to ask you if you want to apply for a student visa or even a line of credit,I wouldn’t do so unless you are really stuck.

Grants may be available to yourself,along with some kind of post secondary education funding organization,grants are very good things to be applying for.

Every situation is different,however usually the longer the course,the more you will have to borrow and universities generally cost more
If you are really good at what you do,or want to do,will a university degree really be better for you?Will going to a more popular fancier college be better in the long run?

You may be able to strike a deal with your loaner,where if you are not earning a lot of money after you graduate,they can relieve you of interest or having to pay for a couple months.After paying a huge portion of your loan,they may even reduce the total amount you have to pay them.It depends where you live,because these are generally government sponsored programs/grants.And usually you get your student loan through the government which I recommend over banks.

Unless,If you are somehow able to use the student loan money to start a little business on the side and repay all your debts,that would be the best solution,and none of the above applies to you.