Student Loan Holders Deserve Government Bail out more than the Big Wigs – Yes

Yes, the government should give student loan holders as much consideration, as it has with handing out outrageous stimulus packages to banks and other big businesses. Many countries provide free college education as well as free health care to their citizens. Yet, we claim to be the richest country in the world, and we fail to do as much for our own citizens.

Public education has been provided for all American children for free. but that only goes up to the 12th grade. The choice of attending college after graduating from high school was up to the individual.. We were told that all children needed a high school diploma. Those who wanted to go on to college, would strive to earn a scholarship. Others worked to pay the tuition, or had parents who covered the cost for them.

A high school diploma indicated that a person had been given a full education to provide them jobs to survive on. Then the educational authorities began to push for MORE education. Even employers started to require that some college had to be had in order to get a job.Those who were in the high levels of the education system, realized that they were making profits, by requiring that students attend college. The push became Politically Correct, and just about became a requirement all around in order to achieve success.

College graduates were no more guaranteed jobs than those who did not go to college. In order to reach a level of success, education leaders pushed for even MORE higher learning. In order to be successful they were pushed to getting a Phd or a Masters degree. The more students in college, the more money the educational system made.

The pressure often became unbearable for many students in high school. Half of all high school students drop out of school yet today. Those with learning disabilities, or behavior problems could not endure facing years of college. The struggle was unbearable to think about. Students who pushed themselves to fit into the program, or who were pressured by parents, often struggled to keep up. It lead to many suicides when some of them feared failure, or could not keep up with the requirements.

Government worked with the educational leaders to push all this education, and demand that all student attend college. They did not care if the student could not afford to go to college. The government came up with the Student Loan Program for students who needed to borrow money to pay for college. It was a political form of manipulation to earn profits for those in control. Therefore the government is directly responsible for all these student loans not being paid.

The government should bail out students from paying their student loans. It is freely bailing out banks and large companies that got themselves in the mess they are in because of “Greed.” The students deserve the bail out far more than the rich fools, who mis managed their wealth, and are crying out for help.