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The bill has arrived for this coming semester and you know you don’t have the money saved to pay it. So what can you do? Many banks and credit unions will refer you to the Federal Student loan. Maybe your need goes above that amount too. The next place to look is a bank. Not all banks will loan students or their parents money. Chase is one that offers student loans.

Gather the Information
In the privacy and convenience of home you can review the information on a Chase website will provide you with the scoop. Or you can call 1-866-816-0747 to talk to a representative about private student loans.

According to the Chase website they will loan up to to $40,000 per year for items such as:

* Tuition
* Room and board
* Computer or transportation
* Previous school fees
* All other education-related expenses

Their private Student Loan Features:

* Affordable monthly payments
* Competitive rates and terms
* Easy hassle-free online student loan application
* No financial aid forms required

The Private Student Loan Benefits:

* Repay after graduation
* Funds sent to you fast
* Cosigner release option available
* Easy to apply 24/7 by phone or online
* Loans are available for undergrad, graduate & continuing education

But What Does That Mean?
What this is saying is that you can borrow what you need now and not have to begin paying it back until after you graduate. The loan money can be used for tuition and fees but it can also be used for other kinds of needs students face. Maybe the rent on your off campus apartment is more than you can swing. No problem with this loan you can use these funds to give you the extra funds to pay for rent. With the high cost of gas you might need money to buy fuel or maybe you need to replace that old beater computer. The private Chase student loan funds can be used for that too.

What If I Want To Talk To A Person?
Another option is to visit your local Chase bank for assistance in applying for the loan. The bank employs personal bankers now who will help you with the process. You will need to know how much you want to borrow. They will ask for identification and will explain all the details to you.

The Process
The loan application can be fairly simple if you are a Chase customer. The personal banker can access the information needed to jumpstart the loan application while you are in the office with him. If you are going to have a cosigner you will need their information too. If they have a bank account with Chase it is easy for the banker to access their information too.

There are papers to fill out sign and the personal banker will be happy to fax them in to their student loan arm for you.You will also need proof of attendance. Then you can get busy readying yourself for the sememster and stop worrying about where the money to pay the bill is coming from.

Chase private student loans are one of the options for funding your next semester at college. It is easy to check out the information on these loans by going to,calling their 800 number or visiting your local Chase bank. It’s a good way to fund any college expense that you may be feeling pressured by. The loan doesn’t have to be repaid until after graduation.