I’m not sure this will help more than it will only repeat what is already known; that is the Federal government isn’t listening to the average Joe like Governor Palin would say “average Joe six-pack”. My thoughts are simple ones, but I got too thinking what if? What if everyone felt like me but didn’t know how or where to express themselves, what if? so I decided to write this article when I saw the invite: Like I said in the beginning, I am not sure this will meet your expectations but here goes,if our government can use our money {tax payers} to bailout those idiots on wall street,why not use some of that same funding to forgive some of the loans that are out and the person who got the loan can’t find work or the school they were attending shut down prior to graduation; the students never received any kind of forgiveness for what clearly was not their fault. I’m not saying it was the federal governments fault but then neither was the collapse of wall street.

I say if we bailout wall street lets also bail out that student who is wondering how or even if they will be able to pay back that loan which they never reaped any benefits from! Shouldn’t there be some kind of forgiveness in this case;you know when the school turns out to be a scam school or shut down at the last minute because they couldn’t meet payroll, or they go bankrupt, what ever the reason for the school needing to close its doors the student was not at fault and should have the loan they received to pay for school forgiven or offered up at another time for another course of study. The bankers and CEO’s on wall street all received HUGH severance packages even after the market began too crash/fail. This should be looked into for some kind of criminal behavior shouldn’t it? or perhaps this too will simply be overlooked or recognized as just some kind of ETHICS violation and nothing CRIMINAL TRANSPIRED. The entire loan system for school be it pell grants or student loans, they all need to be revamped/restructured to fit todays economy, really when was the idea put into action not too mention thought of and planned. Just as the whole welfare to work plan Bill Clinton began in the 90’s has put so many people into a worse predicament than when they were receiving welfare, because it too like so many other ideas come about to help a select group of people and when the tallies are added up the assistance went to the wrong demographic; coincidence? I think not;for every coincidence of that level of magnatude I can show you a single mother/father struggling to put food on the table.

How to have you federal student loan forgiven you ask; well they say the answer is simple, don’t get one. The only problem with that is that the ones saying that don’t live where I live, didn’t grow up where I grew up, and certainly didn’t have to go through the things my friends and I went through, so for everyone who thinks it’s that simple I invite you too meet me in Newark, NJ, lets meet shall we say be west-side park and from there I give you a tour of the rest of the streets where I grew up.