Subprime Mortgage Crisis Who’s Responsible for the Mortgage Mess

The sub prime mortgage crisis in the US is a result that has roots in our societal development over the years. Economic incidents of government actions in the US Congress which affect our capitalistic system are major contributors to the sub prime mortgage problems today.

The root cause lies with the US citizens and their elected governmental representatives and the result of societal development within the business populace. In a society which regards heroes as those who are successful regardless of moral and lawless paths to success we may only expect the worst human results. The hero worship of the con man, the employee, manager or company owners who take the shortest path to success has left US business morally bankrupt. The take no prisoner’s attitude has left a trail of bodies in the wake of profit and incentives accumulation without regret by our lawmakers, fellow employees, stockholders and owners and there are no signs of remorse.

Paralleling the poor selection of government representatives in the US Congress as a cause of the prime rate mortgage is the fact that the government driven social engineering to place even those who can’t afford a home to have mortgages approved as a matter of government entitlement. Citizens and non citizens in this category willingly participate by bending the truth on required home purchasing forms required to purchase a home.

As our citizens receive their education in the NEA controlled public school system they are taught poorly and lack the tools to succeed in business as in life. The “me” attitude seems to be implanted in everyone and regardless of good work efforts or bad work efforts to rise in business and in life matters everyone expects to be number 1. Not everyone can be number one in this life. More appreciation should be taught for a good work ethic and appreciation of our fellow citizens. Playing by the rules should be a definite part of citizen’s development. Adherence to rules and fairness are also characteristics which are sometimes lacking.

Thus, we end up with the masses that are dissatisfied they are not “king of the mountain” and shiftless efforts are made to promote all manner of governmental representatives. This is evident when we look at the current liberal controlled US Congress with poor production, corruption and misappropriation of taxpayer money. The morals of some of the representatives are too obvious and one wonders that they could not have been scrutinized when the representatives were selected.

The current liberal controlled congress tried to apply social engineering to provide mortgages to all regardless of their capability to play by the rules. When the rules are not followed post mortgage for payment it shucked off as just the way things are and everyone does it. Enforcement of mortgage payments is forgiven or government bailouts undermine the capitalistic system and socialism takes over.

As a result the opportunists along the home selection to home sale rake in taxpayer money without earning it and the tax paying citizens end up paying. This long and winding path is not enforced by the US Liberal controlled Congress and everyone suffers.

The blame actually lies close to home for the prime rate corruption and starts with the citizens that recklessly elect congressional representatives. Further complicity arises from elected congressmen’s greed and corruption. Punishment should be applied to these groups and it is fitting that proper justice should prevail in the end.