Successful Bargain Shopping Shopping Tips Save Money Shopping Wise Shopper Bargain Shopping

Learn to become a successful bargain shopper and pocket your extra money with these great shopping tips; from shopping for clothing, finding items you need for your home there is no need to pay full price.

Do you ever notice those, “80 percent off” clearance signs hanging in a trendy boutique window or department store? Head right in, and don’t be bashful! If you think a department store is expensive and you tend to shy away just because you thought that it might be expensive don’t avoid it any longer! Save money after you have located clearance and sales racks in the store look for discounted stickered items. Seek out items or articles of clothing you have been wanting or would like to purchases. Ask the store clerk if there are any additional mark downs or in store coupons. Some large department stores offer coupons for with extra saving on top of what is already on mark down, but sure to ask at your favorite store. 

Thrift stores are an ideal place for a bargain. With a wide variety of items to choose from even if the items and clothing are used you will be sure to find to some bargains.  Even though thrift stores specialize in gently used items they offer sales too! Some thrift shops offer a particular percentage off of items according to a designated color for the day. For example, one store my display, hang or post up, “the orange stickered items are on sale” , so this is your cue to look for the color that offers the most saving if you are lucky enough to find the item you would like or need.  This advice for shopping takes a little practice but it can be done. Over time you will learn to really save with what you want to buy.

Garage sales are a favorite for many successful bargain shoppers!  The best time to shop, Garage Sales or (Tag Sales) is on a weekend.  Depending on where you live Saturdays are the most popular days to shop at garage sales.  Pull out your newspaper and go to the classified section and circle the one’s you would like to go to.  At garage sales you can purchase everything from clothes for the entire family and even furniture as well as toys. Better yet these are real money savers, since you can ask the person to come down more on their prices. Unlike stores where prices are set by a company you can set your see how low the owner will take for the item they want to get rid of.

Overall when shopping for a bargain communication and a good eye for prices is ideal.  Go for the Clearance sales and don’t hesitate to ask questions about coupons and markdowns.