Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental insurance is provided for many types of insurance depending on what is needed by a particular individual. One common type of supplemental insurance that is purchased by individuals that are on Medicare is called Medigap. Medigap insurance policies are sold by most insurance companies that provide property and casualty insurance. Other types of supplemental insurance are provided by insurers such as Met Life, Mutual of Omaha and Aflac.


The purpose of supplemental insurance is to provide coverage for gaps that can exist in existing health insurance coverage. The typical type of supplemental insurance that is purchased by individuals is known as short-term disability insurance. This type of coverage is also provided in a group health insurance plan that is sponsored by an employer. Short term disability policies will pay for lost wages until an individual can return to work. One type of primary health insurance in which a supplemental insurance policy is usually needed is Medicare.


Medigap is a supplemental insurance policy that is available for individuals that are currently enrolled in Medicare. Unlike Medicare coverage a Medigap policy needs to be purchased as a separate policy from a private health insurance company such as Mutual of Omaha. Most private insurance companies in every state that provide health insurance will offer a Medigap insurance policy. This type of supplemental insurance has benefits that are regulated by the federal government.

Met Life

Met Life is as well known national health insurance company that provides may types of insurance options including offering supplemental insurance policies. Individuals can purchase many types of policies including disability income for short-term and long-term periods. The company also offers health insurance benefit to employers including short-term disability and long-term disability insurance coverage.

Mutual of Ohama

Another well known national insurance company that provides various types of supplemental health insurance is Mutual of Omaha. The company offers a variety of policies including long term care and Medicare supplement plans. Other supplemental plans include disability income and hospital income policies. Employer benefit programs that include short-term and long-term disability health insurance are also available.


Aflac is one of the most well known insurers due in part to their catchy television advertisements and commercials. The company offers many types of policies that can be purchased by individuals and employers including supplemental health insurance. One type of supplemental insurance that is offered is short-term disability that is normally provided by many group health insurance plans but can also be purchased as individual coverage.